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The tasty in-between snack

Ever since Knoppers was launched in 1983 in Germany, the milk-hazelnut wafer has been popular: Five delicious layers of crispy baked wafers, milk crème, creamy hazelnut filling, and crunchy roasted hazelnut pieces, topped with a touch of cocoa. Whether at work, at home, or on the road – take a relaxing break with a crispy, tasty Knoppers.


Knoppers is a delicious, crispy treat that will give you the break you need to continue on with your day.

The crispy in-between snack in more than 40 countries: the Knoppers success story.


Knoppers launches in the US

Knoppers global success continues – the delicious milk-hazelnut wafer is available in the US.


30 years of Knoppers – worldwide success

Knoppers has been around for 30 years and is also becoming increasingly popular internationally. The milk–hazelnut wafer is now available in more than 40 countries.

Knoppers 2013: 30 years of Knoppers - worldwide success


Knoppers conquers Germany

Knoppers – the crispy milk-hazelnut wafer, was created in 1983. The five layers of wafers, milk crème, hazelnut filling, hazelnuts, and cocoa were a delicious combination that became enjoyed by many. Shortly after launching, the slogan "half past nine in the morning in Germany" was introduced and Knoppers quickly gained popularity.

Knoppers 1983: Knoppers conquers Germany